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Hi ! I haven't found on the forum this scenario : I am trying to use sync on a multi boot machine (windows 10 and 11). I'd like to have both system to sync the exact same folders,

but i cannot succed as it returns a "Service File Missing" due to a conflict of ID ... Is there a way, or will there be a way to successfully use Sync like this ?


Thanks in advance,





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When you add the folder from the second system (separate installation of Sync) the share ID (set up by the peer on the first system) got overwritten - the first user's installation expects other ID and gives the error. 
And there seems to be no way to bypass it in your case.

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Thanks Daria for your answer. I understand that, but it would be very convinient to allow such configuration, like letting us use a "multi ID",

or storing the ID into the Resilio Folder on "C" instead of the shared folder. Or making the ID based on some hardware like the motherboard, so the different boot systems would share the same ID ?

Right now using a multi boot with Sync is quite a nightmare !

Could that be considered for futur releases ?



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