in select sync mode, to be able to activate a transfert and delete locally a file


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here my concern :

  1. i have a NAS (master) with more than 10TB of data  with new files added each days
  2. i have smallest NAS (client) that can't synchronize all of the main NAS master data (not enough disk space)
  3. very most of time i need only latest files added on the master


So what i would like to do, is through a script (bash?)  to be able to activate (on client) the download of latest file added on the master, BUT i would like to remove oldest one.

For example i will virtually set a limite of 200Go on a shared directory (of subfolders),

  • i activated the download of latest file,
  • check that lastest files are downloaded (synced),
  • and then check space disk  taken in the directory and start to remove oldest files fo fit the quota limit.

So i guess needs will be :

  • get the list and path of shared directories
  • activate sync & delete (locally) command
  • get the status of the transfert (sync OK, in progress)
  • ....

is it possible to get some information about API ?  (family user licence)


regards !

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