Share files to others without having them need to download the software

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I'd like to be able to share a file to another person without making them download the software. Maybe have the app send the file contents to the website over an ftp download protocol for the person who is downloading the file directly from the host client. Or, it appears it to be possible to perform a p2p file transfer through a website interface as long as the source remains on, which the host would be the source.

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Such a feature would be good, a basis for the download would finally be available. That is one of the reasons why I still use ownCloud in parallel, there I can download data with a link or depending on its configuration also upload etc.

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Please STOP asking features like this. RSL does not offer cloud storage, it only uses your own storage. There's no way RSL can provide a "direct download link" (such as http/ftp) from your storage without using RSL app.

It's your own responsibility to host your files from your storage.

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You sure are confidently wrong. For example, Binfer offers a web-based downloader for shared links to local resources.   That is, the recipient of the link can use their browser to download the file without installing software. Unfortunately, Binfer is very expensive and doesn’t offer an app. Owncloud does this too. I just hate to spin up a Linux instance just for file sharing. I happily run the rest of my services in Windows. 

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11 hours ago, Andy+ said:


Read first. Such feature would be good and have nothing to doe with any new cloud storage.

I did. 

Let me make it clear to you: the shared files are only in your own private storage and your peers'. They are not meant to be exposed to the internet as "direct downloads" and Resilio Sync (the company) does not have the control of these files (in fact they should not be able to see the content of these files or make copies of them for sharing to the generic public). You are supposed to access these files by using RSL apps only with proper share keys.

If you want to share these files using HTTP protocol, set up your own godd*mn web server, it's as simple as that. Case closed.

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2 hours ago, eltopo said:

Case closed


It is always up to the user to judge to whom he sends links, whether the software is required for this or not. Any abuses or any other negative effects may occur in any case, whether the Resilio software is installed or not.

But the only point of the discussion is that I can share content with others (if I want to and I am sure who I am sharing with) without installing any software.

That's part of the reason why I have Owncloud on the servers in parallel with Resilio and also Syncthing, which has basically the same disadvantage. With Owncloud, I can do exactly what this is about: I can create a share link and share it on my terms, and the recipient is not required to install Owncloud software to work with the shared content.

By the way, Resilio Sync is the software just like Resilio Connect and Resilio Inc. is the company. For that matter, I wouldn't know what Resilio has to do with my data, even though I use their software.

So, again, the only difference in this discussion is that a recipient does not need to install software to receive content. Everything else is the responsibility of the user. The fact that access via http:// and https:// in turn has other weaknesses to offer is another matter, but here too the user alone is responsible.

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