Android Sync loses GPS data


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I'm using a Note 20 Ultra 5G, and it appears that since some recent Android API level (29 I guess...) when you're accessing an image or a video file, you can't read the GPS data.

I found out that you're dealing with a redacted file without location information.

Which means that the synced files are lacking the location.

Hence the backup is incomplete, which sound to me like a bug

Further reading lead me to the API MediaStore.setRequireOriginal which allows you to read the original file, unredacted.

It could be nice to have sync fix this issue so that the backups are not incomplete

Thanks for your time and comments.


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I have the same problem, a few days ago I updated to android 13 on my Pixel 6 and also had a big camera update at the same time.

Since then Resilio Sync doesn't synchronize the GPS location in photos while it is available for the picture when I look at it on my phone.

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I'm also having the same problem. I use Sync to transfer files from my everyday phone (Android 13) to a Pixel XL (Android 10) to upload to Google Photos, and the GPS/geotagging data gets lost. In Photos it's either entirely missing (most of the time) or it gives an estimated location, which is in the vicinity but could be 1/4 mile or more off. 

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