Copy speed of File Explorer Copy/Paste vs Resilio Sync for initial load?


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I've been using Sync for years and it works great.  I'm going to be replacing my main media computer and changing to a Synology NAS.  I need to do a dump of multiple terabytes of data from the computer (Windows) to the NAS.  I'm just wondering if setting up a sync between the two would theoretically be any faster or slower than just doing a copy/paste from within Windows.

I know there are other options like Robocopy and stuff like that, but I just want so the fastest way to do this initial dump where I can just click Go and come back when it's done.


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Since you are transferring files from 1 computer to another 1 computer, from the way how RSL works, most likely RSL will be slower than direct copying in Explorer.

RSL, on the other hand, works much better for transferring/synchronizing data between multiple peers.

I would still prefer RSL to Explorer even for 1-to-1 copying if I planned to use RSL later on these 2 computers.

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