switching MacOS user accounts results in "there is not enough permission"


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When I switch to another user account on my Mac, Sync reports "there is not enough permission to access the file" -- how do I set permissions on a folder so that Sync can work no matter which account I am logged into on my Mac?   The folder is on an external drive in case that is relevant.


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On 3/11/2023 at 2:29 PM, eltopo said:

I am not a Mac user, but in Unix world, generally you will create a group and add all user accounts you want to switch to, set proper permissions to that group. You may also want to set the folder's owner to that group.

Yeah I don't know if doing a chown for nobody works on Mac or not, but that seems like the kind of thing that would work in the unix world.


Also the files with permission issues were all rsync'd (in Mac).   So maybe rsyncing from one Mac account leaves permission issues for continuing to rsync on another Mac account.

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I think I fixed it.   In Finder I clicked "Get Info" which showed that "Everyone" had no access for files in the troubled rsync'd folder, compared to "Read only" for Everyone in other files that weren't having issues.  So I changed "Everyone's" access to "Read only" as well and Sync was happy with a green check mark again.

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