Is there a possibility to sync the exact same folder on an external hard drive on two different identities?


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I would like to synchronize the exact same folder I have on my external hdd via my laptop as well as via the laptop of a friend.

When I'm trying to do this, I'm getting a "service files missing" issue. As far as I understood, this is because resilio sync creates a unique ID, that is related to the specific client in the .sync folder within the ID file.

Is there a possibility to get around this, so that I can synchronize the exact same folder (on my external hdd) via two identities?

Any help is appreciated :)


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If I understood correctly, could it be, that this is possible only with a Pro License?

With a Pro license, you can connect several devices under one ID, which probably means, that there is no unique ID for each device anymore and thus there should be no issue with the service files missing.


Is this correct?

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I am not sure why Pro would be needed in this case. Just sounds like the .sync folder is corrupt. 

If you sync to a new, empty folder on your friends laptop does it work? Then if your friend has files already and you want a 2-way RW sync, have them drop those files in after yours sync to it.

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