Looking forward the the release


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I'm looking forward to sync coming out. I've used a couple products with varying degrees of success. I'm hoping that a cross platform (linux/windows/android) capabilities so I can ditch box. Also I'm building out my own private cloud and need a sync type of interface.

Good luck with it and I'll be waiting! :-)


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Hope it allows for a reasonable price (if any) for unlimited online sync/backup... I have media upwards of 5 TB and I've been looking for a safe place to keep it and back it up... of course, I'm absolutely okay it being shared by other people who wish to have the stuff I do...

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I'm very excited about this. I couldn't find a service that worked for me. So I started thinking about the same: Using BT as protocol to share data between my computers. But some people told me that BT is bad in sharing dynamic files. So all the logic about this needs to get implemented into the clients which sounded like a lot of work to me so i never digged into it.

Hope you guys will come up soon with this!

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