indexed information deleted in case selected directory not reached


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I select my iTunes library as folder to Sync between 2 PC's.

Indexing process takes ages, it is about 280 GB folder on external drive.

But when i restarted my PC without connected external drive, SyncApp deleted all index information, and start indexing again when drive is plugged.

This is serious issue for large directories, because of indexing time, it takes about 70 hours or so.

Issue. This issue reproduced on Win Xp Sp3

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Another topic in regards to indexing. Could you please make sure that it will be possible to run as many indexing tasks as cores are available. So if you have a quad core processor, it should be possible to run up to 4 indexing tasks at the same time (probably configureable ?)

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Same issue here, but I've to add another serious consequence (I'm syncing a folder inside a TrueCrypt volume and when I rebooted that volume was not yet mounted when SyncApp started): the missing folder seems not to be detected as missing but instead it is just considered 'completely empty', so SyncApp started to delete all files on another machine running the client. I double checked that's this is not just an issue about an existing but empty mount point (since the parent directory is also missing), though this shouldn't happen with just an empty mount point either. I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.2 on both sides.

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