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  1. I honor the design decision to accommodate people who need to replicate contents, including those xattr, but with this age of the internet (just like you wouldn't expect this to be ending up in the ZIP file, for example), I really think those attributes should reconsidered to be designed opt-in model, perhaps though .SyncStreams you have mentioned. 1. They don't seem to cooperate really well with encrypted nodes (since it can't know the file name, it can't effectively block those out from .Sync?) 2. Possible name collisions -- what if someone's archiving, say the iOS source code, wouldn't th
  2. Here it is. (Other than modifying token, this is output as is from the console.) This was generated by first connecting to localhost:8889, then portforwarding remote one to localhost:8888. Accessing to localhost:8888 on other tab caused this to not function. event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.Attr.specified is deprecated. Its value is always true.Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (ERROR) http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=AF348afFEdfK4dasFsn34QfgWEa5hZ7DCqIeA0YI3-2KmLou-JlmAds4MTiatrTVMAAAAA&action=getsyn
  3. I want chime in on this one, not sure how relevant, but I've actually experienced similar issue when I have had one instance of WebUI open on one tab, and when I open another instance from WebUI from different server and it happened to be from localhost (for example, if I open local copy of WebUI on localhost:8888, then SSH port forwarded copy of WebUI on localhost:8889, latter one would display nothing but 0.0.0 and blank shares. This particular case was existed as far as I can remember, from 1.2 era.
  4. The issue of "Too many open files" and "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." is very severe on 1.3.80 when using BTSync on Docker. (Where ulimit constraints is magnitude more tighter.) I've never had a problem with a previous release so it looks like issue specific on 1.3.80... Edit: I've rolled it back to 1.3.77, and it's definitely working way better than 1.3.80...
  5. Maybe some way to disable extended attributes, and file streams would be a great feature. I guess some people find this feature useful, but I just can't think of any use cases that this feature would be useful. Alternative stream on Windows are even known to be hive of some virus as well. Or maybe they should be stored somewhere like .SyncAttr instead of causing errors...
  6. I'm having the same problem, looks like it is something to do with this. Extended attributes (OS X) and file streams (Windows) support Seems like BTSync is trying to copy the resource fork (Extended attribute) over, but Linux target doesn't have anywhere to store those extra sets of information. (Perhaps file streams are being used for this on Windows.) One workaround you can do is to do (on your Mac) xattr -c [filename] to remove resource fork from a file, or you can remove extended attribute from the tree xattr -rc *. (While I personally find these information useless for my use, do rememb
  7. I'd like to suggest having QR code to Android build on distribution page. It's much easier to sideload the application that way! (I usually end up using goo.gl to generate one myself like http://goo.gl/#analytics/goo.gl/nysrf/all_time
  8. I run BTSync on three Linux machine and two machines (both being 32-bit) is experiencing segfault. ‚ÄčI did not have any issue on 1.1.15, but 1.1.22 tend to crash on me after short period of time: Two machines with frequent segfault observed: Linux 3.8.0-19-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Wed May 1 16:36:13 UTC 2013 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux Linux 3.8.0-19-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Wed May 1 16:36:13 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux The log doesn't show anything suspicious...