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  1. Two strong wishes I had during daily work with BTSync: - Ability to change the folder path AFTER a sync was configured (e.g. when I moved this folder to another place) - Option to not delete (or move to .SyncTrash) any file in the target folder of a RO-Sync. (I use BTSync to one-way sync some folders from my PC to my NAS, e.g. when I rip a DVD to my PC and sync it directly to my library on the NAS. After the sync is finished, I don't need the file on my PC anymore and delete it. In that case I don't want to have it moved to the .SyncTrash on my NAS.) Again I have to say THANK YOU for this amazing tool!!!
  2. Works like a charm on SolidRun Cubox with Marvell Armada 510 SoC, ArchLinuxARM.
  3. a strong +1 for Selective Sync as described in post #53 thank you very much for this great app guys!!!