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  1. I'm having a similar issue, and I'm pretty sure it's Sync (version 1.3 for Windows) related. I have several folders set up where my computer is the only one with read/write access and everyone else is read only. I have two files that had future modified dates. I changed the dates to sometime in the recent past and Sync recognizes them as modified and continues to see them as updated every 10 seconds or so. When I look at these files' properties again after that, the modified date is now 1958. So I move the files out of my shared folder, modify the dates again, check the dates afterwards and they are exactly as I put them. I now look at the shared folder, and these files are there as .!sync files, 0 bytes and Sync is not downloading them from anyone. They are just there. So I delete the .!sync files, and move the files with the corrected dates back into the sync folder. A few seconds later Sync sees the new files, adds them, and modifies the modified date back to 1958 within these files. I have tried deleting the shared folder in sync, delete the .syncid file and re-share but the same thing keeps happening. I cannot delete the files that are already shared since my Sync doesn't have the originals (unmodified future date) anymore, and putting these back in with a fixed date throws Sync into an endless loop informing me that the files have been updated. I do not know how to resolve this at this time short of creating a new shared folder and starting over entirely.
  2. I have an issue where if I sync folders on two systems, the amount of data to transfer under the Devices tab is incorrect. Example: Device A has 10 GB of data in Folder 1, Device B has that same 10 GB of data as well as another 15 GB in Folder 1. The amount of data to transfer on the start as seen on Device B will be 25 GB. Once both devices are fully synced up, Device B still shows that there's 10 GB of data left to transfer. If Device A has no data to start out with, then 25 GB would be synced to it and when completed the Status in the Devices tab shows that the device has completed sync.
  3. That's exactly why I put in a secret into that shortening service . I figured it would get me an extra sharer (on an empty folder), and at the very least I could see what the page was that he'd come up with. It looked like well explained instructions for setting up a Sync folder. But ultimately, it's just a secret harvesting service, even if it would have been well intended. The initial post on it made me laugh when I read it given how obvious it was.