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  1. Can I not get/add text keys in 2.0 Is it all web based now.........I am not a fan of than
  2. can bt sync listen on port 80? would it break anything. would it allow me to use bt sync in a location that blocks pretty much everything else?
  3. I have a workgroup of about 12 people working on documents 10 of which work in a very bandwidth reduced area. the folder were work with is about 4.5 gigs 2,500 folders 3000 files I am wondering if I should split the folder into two different folders to keep the possibility of corruption of sync issues to a minimum Is there a "Sweet spot" in terms of size or file count / folder count i should be shooting for?
  4. two issues 1) when I first start up the sync gui the title says index.html briefly 2) my laptop has a 3200x1800 res and sync shows up nearly microscopic
  5. I agree with ChrisH on this Why do you think someone is going to memorize a secret key over your shoulder in the 1 second you paste it into the window? the only argument for ******************* ing the password is because you have someone over your shoulder (which can easily be solved) or you have a malicious program doing screen shots or taking snapshots of your clipboard which if that is the case your system is compromised anyway so the point is still mute
  6. I've been using it for my company for a while to move backup files offiste. I've never seen any disclamer or legal terms that would prevent you using it commercially
  7. I'm getting it too. I was thinking of writing a script to run every so offten but I'm not sure thats a good idea untill i know why its screwing up
  8. >>>>Server Version<<<< Also it would be nice to have a way to quickly export and import config files (bonus would be to create the target folders if they don't already exist) So that if i wanted to bring a second sync server up all i have to do is export and import into the new server (or i could keep the config file for backup) I know you can get the config file out but it doesnt cover port setting or bandwith or creating the path so its still kind of a pain as always thanks for your great work
  9. 772 wishes I think this thread is way to long
  10. Im sure they are very busy but even a simple "Hey details are due out on 1/1/2014" or "when we release 1.2 we will give you details". How long does it take to write back and at least acknowledge the question
  11. can we get a list of the bugs fixed?