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  1. Sync was installed in Program Files (x86), so I decided to reinstall and grab the 64 bit version while I was at it. That did indeed register the protocol. I was pleased to see that uninstalling didn't remove existing sync directories. Thanks!
  2. I have Bittorrent Sync 1.4.93 on Windows 7. This is the first time I've tried adding a sync folder by email. I get has far as my browser trying to open a btsync:// link and not knowing what to do with it. I have checked the default programs and there is no btsync:// protocol available. I'm guessing that somewhere during the upgrade process this was missed. Anyone else with this problem? I assume I need to add the protocol and link it to the btsync client. I'm not sure how to do that.
  3. Agreed. I have been waiting for this feature. I find it very strange that the UI can be bound to a specific NIC, but not the engine. From the sync.log file it seems to me that the engine binds to a single NIC, but I don't know how it decides.
  4. Thanks everyone for your feedback, some of which are quite humorous. You've provided a number of feasible options depending on the situation.
  5. In person, with a thumb drive is what I have been doing. With the group of people I want to share the secret with, I'm on the only one that would use PGP and the only one without a mobile phone, so solutions involving either of those would be difficult. I came across a website this morning for sharing things once: Frankly, it seems to be the perfect solution. Any thoughts?
  6. What's the recommended method of giving someone your sync secret?
  7. Okay, thanks for your reply. Debug logging won't help with something that's already happened, but I am able to copy the history line by line. Not ideal, but it works.
  8. Using the Windows client, how can I save the information on the history tab?
  9. Thanks for all your work, tuxpoldo. Would it be difficult to add uid/gid/umask settings to be managed by debconf? The last time I checked these needed to be configured manually.
  10. wizlon, Something that I've noticed with running two separate instances is that the webui doesn't work properly for both if accessing from the same browser. I would recommend running a different browser for each webui that you want to access. This doesn't address your syncing issue, but once you get things running you will likely run into this problem.
  11. The umask was not what I wanted...after changing to 0007 things are working as I'd expected. I had a momentary lapse of thinking and forgot that the umask erases bits. The webUI works now. I suspect that putting a '7' in the user umask caused problems.
  12. I'm getting strange behaviour using the UMASK setting. Any time I enable it, the web UI stops working. The first lines of my config file are: //!/usr/lib/btsync/btsync-daemon --config // // DAEMON_UID=chris // DAEMON_GID=executives // DAEMON_UMASK=0770 // I am managing the file myself, not using dpkg. I have the same behaviour for 1.1.33 and now 1.1.40. As an aside, the dpkg options allow for setting umask, but not UID or GID.
  13. You can also check which version you have installed and what is the latest available version by typing apt-cache policy btsync Perhaps you've installed both btsync and btsync-user? You can check by running dpkg -l | grep btsync
  14. Great to hear that umask/permissions is being looked into. Thanks for all of your contributions, tuxpoldo!