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  1. My hosting provider (Bluehost) recently deactivated my account because I was running a "torrenting" script and generating "high CPU load." I use BT Sync to sync one folder of settings files, 680 KB total. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again? Here's what they sent me when I asked for the logs:
  2. I'm on 1.3.94 for Mac, and I've just recently noticed an unknown node show up in my Devices tab. It's listed as an IP address, port 3000, that corresponds to relay-02.utorrent.com. I don't appear to be transferring any data to it, and the Status column shows it has the full size of the folder left to sync. All of the devices the folder is supposed to sync to are connected and show up in the device list. "Search DHT" is turned off for the folder. Any idea what's causing this?
  3. Could the GPG signatures of the different builds be posted on the download page, as the Tor Project does?
  4. Encrypted nodes would be fantastic!
  5. Thanks! Are the Mac/Linux hashes posted anywhere by any chance?
  6. Are there hashes or signatures available for these downloads?
  7. Any word on this? I'd be helpful to assure that the copies I have downloaded correctly.
  8. Where can users download a digital signature or hash of the various builds of BitTorrent Sync?
  9. I can test iOS. Right now I'm running iOS 6 but I might be getting a developer membership soon, which would allow me to test 7 as well.
  10. What I'm trying to do is sync a file from my external HD to my second computer's external HD and to a remote server. I reinstalled my second computer's OS (Debian) from scratch and copied the file to its external HD via USB (as opposed to letting Sync do it, which is what I was trying before). It appears to be syncing with both my computer and the remote server without problems so far now. I'll post process details if I have this problem again—maybe something was just broken on my system before.
  11. That happens to me too, seems like it's related to the amount of time btsync needs to index the folders. I have 100+ GB-sized files, it takes quite a while after I add them until the sync actually starts.
  12. Just confirmed that it works great until it begins to sync with a second computer (in this case, my remote server). As soon as it makes the connection with the server in addition to my own computer, the crash occurs a couple of seconds later. The log file always ends with that 137 error and nothing I do can end that process.
  13. I just reproduced the issue and emailed you sync.log. The computer is old, I'm just using it as a relay and server to maintain more remote copies of my existing backups. I've got a spare HD I could throw in it if it comes to that. I didn't see any I/O errors in kern.log, though.
  14. Here's the I/O error, by the way: [20130430 20:58:25] IO Error:2 line:390 align:-99 pos:-99 count:131072 actual:0 It pings and gets peers for a few lines after that, then crashes and ends on this line: 20130430 20:58:28] Torrent XXXXX.XXX status: 137 error: <NULL> meta: 1
  15. Sync has been working great for me for a few days; however, today I've added a third computer to the syncing network, and my Debian Linux system is having issues. It seems to sync fine for a while and then crash after giving an I/O error. After that, I can't access the web GUI, and when I attempt to kill the process, I can't: $ killall btsync $ ./btsync Can't lock pid file. It seems BitTorrent Sync is already running with pid 4729 $ pidof btsync 4729 $ kill 4729 $ ./btsync Can't lock pid file. It seems BitTorrent Sync is already running with pid 4729 $ kill -9 4729 $ sudo kill -9 4729 $ pidof