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  1. Yup, that did it. Thank you very much! Works perfectly. Is there a way to make this permanent util a new version of btsync is released?
  2. Here you go, my /proc/cpu/alignment: User: 14 System: 4374 Skipped: 0 Half: 0 Word: 4374 DWord: 0 Multi: 0 User faults: 0 (ignored)
  3. Old thread and all, but I am having the same problem. It starts to sync, but crashes shortly thereafter.
  4. Thank you very much for the new version; however, that did not fix the problem for me. Still does not sync on file change.
  5. Is it possible that this packaged version of btsync does not support inotify? when I start btsync by hand it recognizes file changes as they happen, while the packed version with the init script does not. Also, the debug log does not mention any OnFileChange (?) events. EDIT: So, replacing btsync-daemon with btsync from the tar.gz archive fixed this problem it seems.
  6. Hi, I am having some trouble with getting btsync to work properly on linux (ubuntu). btsync does not seem to recognize any file or folder changes, which causes it to fallback to the 10 minute polling interval. Some more information about my setup below: uname -a: Linux xbmc-Revo-70 3.5.0-27-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 25 20:00:05 UTC 2013 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux btsync version: Version 1.0.134 ( up to date ) filesystem: ext4 Kernel config (inotify) - grep INOTIFY_USER /boot/config-$(uname -r): CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER=y the sync.log file is empty and syslog does not have any interesting information either. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!