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  1. There is no and will not be any workaround for this issue. To run on this system it has to be compiled by the devs for that CPU - which has not been done yet. So all we can do is see to it that every owner of any device with comcerto 2k CPUs that wants to use BTSync comments in this feature request to highlight the importance.
  2. I agree that this would be an important feature. It would allow semi-private environments. For example someone who is tech savy and owns a dedicated server could offer bandwith (for caching) and storage to his friends and family without gaining access to their files. Without knowing the exact implementation and the protocol I guess it at least should be able to add a third type of secret in addition to "full access" and "read only" which would be "caching only". This key would allow the local sync client to download and cache files in encrypted state. This adds two important features: I still have access to my data in case all other of my sync clients are turned off I can benefit from fast download speeds of the caching server (most residential lines are only async) The person providing the cache server would not have access to the data that his server caches In fact this would allow a whole new business for service providers to provide caching of sync data against a small payment while still having no access at all (even if they'd try) to the data.
  3. Hey guys, thanks for your great work. This thread is related to the following: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/16706-corporate-proxy/ Apart from adding proxy support it is also viable that tracker and relay servers are available via HTTPS ports (and also via proxy). Consider the following scenario: You want to keep in sync stuff at home and at work. At work the firewall will only allow outgoing traffic on certain ports (3000 [which is used by tracker and relay]) is not one of them. Even if I configure my systems at home to use listening ports that are open I am NOT able to use tracker and/or relay but I am limited to direct connections. So it would make sense to let the sync client talk to at least the relay via HTTPS (which could be tunneled and proxies) so it can discover direct connections without manually entering them.
  4. We really need this. BTSync has some strong arguments against e.g. Dropbox by keeping data off the cloud. However this is useless for many if you cannot use it at work. Dropbox any almost any other solution uses HTTPS to tunnel the traffic (which makes it easy to support proxies). You should even be able to tunnel UDP over HTTPS (ovenvpn does this), but if work was already done implementing TCP than this should be the better approach.