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  1. I second this. Using btsync-gui under Gnome Shell seems to render the icon inactive. Either with a manual or autostart..
  2. The standard build of btsync uses a newser version of libc. The fellows at bittorrent have to create a special build for Synology which uses an older version without inotify support. These builds are available for i386 and x64 but not "yet?" for powerpc and other platforms. (just a second too late. ;-) )
  3. Is it possible to add an option to let all traffic be routed through a proxy server (Socks5 for instance). This way is it possible to route and mask all traffic through a tunnel when the network is bit-torrent unfriendly. (Hence, at work) I myself would like to use a SSH tunnel for this, but it can be anything. ( Using tsocks does not route the bit-torrent traffic though the tunnel weirdly enough )
  4. Do you mean ionotify or inotify? Inotify is supported by the OS. The kernel supports it and a compiled version of inotail works as well.
  5. Synology DS1010+ Not OK. (DSM 4.2 Beta) Synology DS508 Not OK. (DSM 4.0 - Latest) Also Libc Issues. I can test with a statically compiled version of SyncApp if you want. I believe this will circumvent the libc problems altogether, howevery I'm not sure about that. I've also looked into the possibility of upgrading my libc on the synology. Luckily it was my test system, things broke beyond repair. Had to reinstall.