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  1. How do I set ttl to more than 1 year or infinity? The dpkg-reconfigure btsync command doesn't allow me to enter a period larger than 1 year and the conf file is overwritten on every update, so manual changes are erased.
  2. It isn't downloading anuthing. However, it would be nice if I could just swap the full access secret for a read only one and skip the reindexing part.
  3. Is there a way to change access permissions on a folder that has already been synced? When I remove folders from the client and resync them with a new secret with different access it takes almost as much time as redownloading.
  4. Hi! I installed BitTorrent Sync on my Raspberry pi with raspbian (debian based) and it runs as root and makes root:root files with permissions 733. I can't delete files as user or with ownclowd, which I want to use as a web interface. Can I configure bitsync to make files with orner www-data:pi an permissions 770?