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  1. Noticed this problet today too (made a thread out of it) Seems there is something broken in 2.0... 1.4.111 and it synced just fine..
  2. HI, Just downgraded back to 1.4.111. It's an own discussion about the ridiculous 10 folder limit in 2.0 free (hope they come around with that), but today I noticed that the synchronizing feature itself is broken with 2.0. This is what happened: I have 3 computers and NAS in sync ring (home computer, win10 preview with 2.0 client, laptop win10 preview with 1.4.111 client, work computer with Bodhi linux with 2.0 client and Buffalo NAS with 1.4.111 ARM LInux client). On the weekend I edited couple of files on home computer. It did sync to NAS at home. Today: files were NOT synchronized to wor
  3. Running it on Buffalo Linkstation Quad Pro (8Tb model). Working just fine.
  4. Just an suggestion, could client let us know when there is new major version it does not autoupdate. It's a bit stupid that hitting the "update" tells me, it's up to date, when it is not..
  5. Ok manually checking and updating now versions + changing my NAS to be readonly sync, let's see if problems will be fixed. Thx. (point for having NAS in syncs is to have RAID5 secured backup + I backup that RAID time to time to my bitcasa account manually -> thus making sure I have a backup if something goes wrong )
  6. Hmm, so it did not autoupdate? Have to manually do that then..
  7. Ok, but weird thing is, that like in this case now: - Windows laptop overwrote older versions to other clients Just to let you know the details: My NAS is Buffalo Linksys Quad Pro and I rooted it and installed torrent sync to it. It works just fine otherwise that if some other client is ofline a while, when it comes back online the device coming back to online overwrites files with the version it has. On the NAS: Version 1.1.82 ( up to date ) is the version of BTSync. Hmm.. I'm going to try (after all is now synced ok) following to avoid the problem (if NAS is causing it, following this
  8. I have this same problem with windows machines too. Just recovered files from .syncarchive while putting laptop on replaced older files over newer ones. I do not even use android client because of this problem (it always replaces old versions while putting it on). So I have NAS (always on), 3 windows computers. For example now: I had had laptop off for a while, had edited files on both desktops (home and work) and syncing went just fine. Now I put laptop (windows 7) on, it updated torrent sync version and updated those older versions from it over the newer ones... I really hope this versioni
  9. Seems that current Android program, when opened rarely, replaces newer files with older ones when manually synced. Also iPhone problem with showing old files on server and not getting rid of them seems to be on Android too. Program is not syncing correctly with other clients the list of current files?