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  1. I actually had the old sync quite long in my Android phone. Just few weeks ago updated to Resilio app. And MOST annoying change was, that camera backup is, honestly, fu&&ed up. Earlier, I took a photo, it at that second uploaded the photo. Now it takes quite a while, there is no button to tell to app "hey idiot UPDLOAD IT NOW". Why this is problem? Well, I OFTEN use app in the way, that I need a photo on PC for something. I shoot it with mobile, and take the photo from my camera backup on PC. Now I have to hit refresh, I go on and of the resilio app in mobile and just.. waste my time waiting. So PLEASE, have an option there "do upload images immideatly, if there is enought battery or phone is in charger". No there is that stupid option "always" when in charger but it seems not doing anything. At least not uploading camera backup images in that exact second I have my phone in charger. And there I wait, minutes. This way I have to change to something else for camera backup (which is not fun, because otherwise I like this, I backup it to my OWN nas, not to some 3rd party service).. So hope you will on next update make this work as in old sync. I shoot photo, few seconds later it is on my backup folder in my desktop. That is how it should be working...
  2. Noticed this problet today too (made a thread out of it) Seems there is something broken in 2.0... 1.4.111 and it synced just fine..
  3. HI, Just downgraded back to 1.4.111. It's an own discussion about the ridiculous 10 folder limit in 2.0 free (hope they come around with that), but today I noticed that the synchronizing feature itself is broken with 2.0. This is what happened: I have 3 computers and NAS in sync ring (home computer, win10 preview with 2.0 client, laptop win10 preview with 1.4.111 client, work computer with Bodhi linux with 2.0 client and Buffalo NAS with 1.4.111 ARM LInux client). On the weekend I edited couple of files on home computer. It did sync to NAS at home. Today: files were NOT synchronized to work computer and laptop. When I make a file on laptop, it synchronizes to work computer, but not to home computer (all the time client shows that it is connected to home computer). I deleted file from home computer (moved it to desktop out of synced folder) and it did not delete from laptop or work computer. Next step: I downgraded home computer to 1.4.111 and wosh: it DID sync. So. As it seems, the sync feature itself is broken and unreliable with 2.0 client. As from this point: I will use 1.4.111 client (and my advice for everyone would be using that) untill 2.0 is fixed with it's problems and that ridiculous 10 folder limit lifted off.