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  1. Hi again, Is there any news on this topic. I'm really interested in getting Sync installed on my 4TB Single Drive WD My Cloud. What was the result of the discussion with WD? Is there hope for us people with this drives that were working with btsync with My Cloud firmware version 3? Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Thank you for the info. I'll wait then. I hope such waiting doesn't last too much.
  3. Hi, any news about support for the firmware version? Have you tried via the new MyCloud SDK?
  4. @RomanZ Here's the link for more details about MyCloud SDK. It appears docker is the way.
  5. Hi @RomanZ Nos that My Cloud OS 3 si out and there's a developer API, are you gonna support single drive MyCloud units? If so, what would make BT Sync better than the WD Sync new sync app?
  6. Still no news about support for current firmware version of WD My Cloud?
  7. Is there any news about this topic?
  8. That's pretty sad. Specially when here was said that there were gonna be support for this drive. So, in a few words BT has left out My Cloud owners. Good to know because I was considering to pay for version 2.0...
  9. Hi again, Does version 2.0 support the WD My Cloud?
  10. Hi again, It's been almost 2 months since last comment and I'd like to know if there are any news regarding this topic of supporting WD MyCloud. I've seen you're partnering somehow with other NAS manufactures to have official (Netgear, QNAP, Seagate, SnapServer) BTSync Support. Is there anything similar for WD? Thank you in advance for your reply.
  11. I Know is difficult but we would really appreciate if we get at least a roadmap draft. It appears BTsync is now heading to 2.0 alpha version,but we don't know if that means there's no gonna be a 1.5 version neither if that version will support WD MyCloud. I'm not upgrading my NAS firmware because I use BTSync a lot to sync from my lap and avoid time machine and the like because I'm only interested in backing up my files not any other lap config and alike. So please share some insights on an estimated date/month we could expect support. Of course without that being a compromise. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi @RomanZ I've just visited the WD forum and noticed there's a new firmware version released on September 24 (version 4.00.01-62‚Äč3). Have BTSync Staff has the opportunity to check it out to see if there are something that can make BTSync run again without trouble? Thank you in advance for your attention. Here's the link to the announcement. Hi again, I found a post in WD regarding the rebuild of debian packages for the 4.x version of the firmware in order to support the 64 page size. Maybe that can help. I'm not an expert in linux stuff. Greetings.
  13. @RomanZ, I'll sure be tuned on the issue because I love BTSync and I want it to be compatible again with my WDMyCloud. Thank you for your attention. @dimazigel I'm sorry you couldn't downgrade. Did you follow al instructions including the one regarding to edit /etc/version file? The process is described in this URL:
  14. Thank you @RomanZ, Is there any plan for future support of this WD NAS Drive? The new WD FW update solves a lot of other problems such as read and write performance and it's sad that we BTSync users can't update because of the lacking function you mentioned regarding GlibC that is needed for BTSync to work properly. I'm in love with BTSync but I also need to use it with this drive to have my private cloud working for devices photo backups and laptop folder's synchronization. I hope you can give us a real solution. Thank you in advance for your help.