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  1. Hi Roman, That's really bad news - I thought btsync didn't have any particular limitations (at least nothing is mentioned in the FAQs etc). The interesting thing is the file that it is choking on is about 1.2TB, but I have successfully synced files up to 2.2TB before. Any idea when this issue will be resolved? Thanks Johan
  2. Hi Kyle, When you say different networks is there any NAT between them? I've got one peer rate limited to 1KB/s during the day and a script which changes the rate limit at night - it works great. The peers are on different networks, but there's no NAT because they are on a Private WAN and btsync considers them to be "local" peers - to make rate limiting work I had to add this to my btsync config file: "rate_limit_local_peers" : true Cheers, Johan
  3. Hi Minh, Probably the easiest thing to do is to figure out how you can change the startup script for btsync on your NAS to run as root, instead of running as the btsync user - then the daemon will have permissions to everything. Cheers, Johan
  4. I have emailed a one-time secret to the ticket. Thanks, Johan
  5. Hi Roman, I have emailed with the log files as requested. I censored the logs a bit to protect internal details, but essentially it comes down to a read only peer syncing from a full access peer, and the process I followed was: Start the full-access-peer btsync process Start the read-only-peer btsync process Read only peer ran for a couple of minutes before the btsync process disappeared Stopped the full-access-peer btsync processIt's crashing with a segfault, per: Jan 21 08:26:45 read-only-peer kernel: pid 80758 (btsync), uid 0: exited on signal 11Jan 21 08:29:05 read-only-peer kernel: pid 80868 (btsync), uid 0: exited on signal 11Jan 21 08:31:48 read-only-peer kernel: pid 81017 (btsync), uid 0: exited on signal 11Jan 21 08:34:00 read-only-peer kernel: pid 81127 (btsync), uid 0: exited on signal 11Jan 21 08:36:31 read-only-peer kernel: pid 81226 (btsync), uid 0: exited on signal 11...I've managed to get a coredump (needed to enable with "sysctl kern.coredump=1" on FreeNAS) and I'm emailing it to the ticket now. Thanks, Johan
  6. Hi, I have searched and searched but haven't come across anyone with this issue before. I am syncing some large files (up to 2.5TB big, they are virtual machine backups) and regularly I get the following in my log followed 10-15 seconds by btsync crashing: [20140120 09:56:58.551] Got metadata with too large size 13522946The size is not always the same, and sometimes I'll get a few identical messages followed by the crash - the btsync process simply disappears. I've turned on debug logging, but that gives absolutely no more information, and the crash is just as sudden. Constantly restarting btsync shows it will sometimes sync a bit of data for a few different torrents but eventually it will get around to whatever file has this metadata and then crash. btsync on both peers is running on FreeBSD 9.1 x64 (it's a FreeNAS box with some additions). I have plenty of other sync folders on other boxes in exactly the same environment who don't have this issue. Any ideas? Cheers, Johan