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  1. good bytes, bad bytes

  2. I'm running Sync 1.3.77 on both Windows 7 x64 systems.
  3. Could you please enable debug logging and share the log here (provided document paths aren't sensitive information?) It's possible you have incompatible/invalid file names: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/29136-bug-and-repro-only-first-sync-works-requires-restarting-bt-sync/ Or it could be something entirely different.
  4. I recently abandoned SASS file synchronization in preference of DIY solutions, namely ownCloud and BitTorrent Sync, the latter of which I prefer for its design. I got excited about this and so I set it up on a few of my devices and everything was going just fine with new directories I made for trying things out. I felt ambitious and decided to sync a bunch of my existing files (for which I'd previously used GoodSync across devices). I was synchronizing my pictures folder when I noticed that after the first sync, BT Sync wouldn't continue to update files. I tried fiddling with the folder and