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  1. Hi, I used to synchronize a folder between two computers in a one directional way. Computer A -> Computer B For some reason folder size on one Computer A is larger than on B. When a new file is added to Computer A, it does not replicate to B. I have to delete the shared folder on Computer B and re-add using the Key/Link at which point the new file gets replicated. I tried deleting the .sync folder on Computer B and re-adding using Key/Link with no change in behavior. The folder size is still off, being the smaller one. Any ideas? Thank you, Computer A: Ubuntu server, Resilio Sync 2.6.0 (1317) Computer B: Synology NAS, Resilio Sync 2.6.0 (1317)
  2. Hi there, How can I clear "cache" of a folder that formerly was shared? The reason I ask if because If I were to delete an existing folder that used to be synced and then re-add it, the size of the folder is picked up quite fast (several TB) which leads me to believe that there is metadata cache of the folder. Also, the reason I am trying to do this is because this folder erroneously does not sync all of its content and I just want to start fresh. Resilio 2.5.12(1911) Any ideas?
  3. Good day, I've been successfully running btsync 1.3.8 on CentOS 7.3. I am looking to update to latest (1.4.1) and have a few questions: 1. The upgrade instructions state I need to place the rslsync along btsync. Where is that? /var/lib/btsync/? /var/lib/btsync has a folder .SyncUserxxxxxxx. Is that the folder you mean by ".sync" 2. I have the old btsync repo under /etc/yum.repos.d If i add the new repo for resilio, will that work with above manual install? 3. Will old shares be preserved? Thank you,
  4. This is a followup of my research.Thanks Remirus for your help with this issue. I was getting spammed by errors in sync.log: "SyncFileEntry: Failed to write attributes for file /mnt/share .... -1" The reason this was happening is because btsync user was trying to change file attributes (still curious if this is necessary and/or can be disabled) in the mounted share. My mounted share was mounted using CIFS and according to mount.cifs: In my case, I was getting "No permission" when attempting to change file permissions in that mount using something like "sudo -u btsync chmod 700" I even tried mounting the share using a non-root account/group (which I will be sticking with) and adding btsync to that group with above sad results. The solution was to add "noperm" option like so //NAS/Share /mnt/share cifs credentials=/root/.secret,noperm,uid=3000,gid=3000,iocharset=utf8 0 0 As per: mount.cifs Now it appears to be working well. I am still closely monitoring but I believe this is the answer to the issue.
  5. Found sync.log in /var/lib/btsync
  6. Good day, I have BTsync installed on 2 devices: Centos7 vm and a remote Synology NAS. Synchronization works well for about a day at which point Centos7's BTsync just stop re scanning folders. In other words, I make changes to folder structure that need to be synced with Synology NAS but BTysync does not pick those changes up on Centos7 until i restart the service. After restart folder rescan (every 600 seconds) works for another day. Where can i find logs in Centos7 to determine whats going wrong? Thank you!
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    Lan Only Speed Expectations?

    Thanks RomanZ! Do changes take effect right away ("hd_low_priority" or "...encryption..." or I need to restart btcync clients/computer? So theoretically, should I expect similar transfer speeds to that of explorer transfers? I am just trying to set a bar. I will go through with the speed profiler and post results.
  8. Hi there, I am trying out BTSync as the means to synchronize my NAS with another Windows 7 computer on a LAN. I have a very simple gigabit network setup: Router - switch - Win7 PC (bittorrent ver: 1.4.93) - Synology NAS (bittorrent ver: 1.4.83) DHT, Relay, Tracker, LAN broadcast AND Encryption is disabled on both ends (no encryption setting on NAS) So far, the max transfer rate I get is 9.9MB. I tested on a 10GB file. is that considered good? I can get 20MB - 100MB if i transfer the same file between the two via explorer copy. Any pointers? Thank you!
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    Bittorrent Sync At Work?

    Hi denis4inet, I think that's the problem, torrent traffic is filtered out in corporate settings. I do not have won VPN server? How can that help me? Thank you!
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    I do, I learnt about that check box when I was having similar issues with OwnCloud:)
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    Hi there, Has anyone experimented syncing True Crypt files yet? I appear to have inconsistent results. The file doesn't get synced right away after i make a change. is it 10 minutes between scheduled folder re-scans? I understand, regular files get synced up right away after being added, deleted, edited, etc, but not the TrueCrypt one. Also, from what I can tell, I believe it syncs deltas which is good!
  12. Hi there, I installed Sync on a few Windows PCs at different physical locations behind different corporate firewalls. bit torrent traffic always gets filtered out, blocked. Is this a usual expected behavior? So basically, Sync is not really work friendly where there is a hefty firewall present? Unfortunately, i am not an admin at these place and cannot expect IT to open any ports or white list the bit torrent traffic. Any ideas?