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  1. Thank you so much ... That btsyc:// worked but not in the browser but in the cog enter key. Now my photos are synced. Thank you so much. Respect... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ive been trying to make the camera sync to work but the email link that I sent to myself is not doing anything. Weird.... yes. Im using Google Chrome browser in a Windows 7 machine. My phone is an iphone. After clicking the link I emailed to myself Chrome pops up with two buttons to choose. Install the 1.4 or Already have 1.4. I did the already have 1.4 because I did and nothing happened. I even check the Bittorrent interface to see whats happening and nothing. Then i tried it again this time I clicked the install 1.4. Installed it and go back to the previous window and still noting is happe
  3. Is this possible??? SCENARIO: I would like to sync my files to PC A which is currently syncing with PC B but i don't want PC A file to sync to me. I would like to sync my files to the same folder where PC A and B are syncing. Is that possible? I hope im making sense Thanks
  4. I got this problem with bitsync with my PC. Its just that when its start to sync my internet connection got slow. I mean when it start syncing and im browsing the web my connection will dramatically go slow. (really slow) Web pages takes minutes to load. I never got this problem with my mac. Just on windows. BTW im on ethernet cable and im not using WIFI. Is there any way to avoid this on my windows? THanks