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  1. For anyone seeing this, I figured out the problem. It looks like something changed in Resilio where configuring the listening port for the web gui changed from to needing to be configured for the external IP. I updated mine to and restarted Resilio and it worked.
  2. I have been running Resilio Sync inside a ProxMox container for about 2 years. Nothing about this install has changes since I updated to 2.6.3-1 via yum about a month ago. Today, I unable to reach the web gui. I restarted the container. The Sync logs are showing traffic. My other Sync clients show that the ProxMox Sync client is running and connected. Any ideas? Is there an Apache style access_log for web traffic to Sync's web gui?
  3. Not sure why I didn't think of that. I looked at which files were syncing constantly, made a copy of them and then deleted them from the directory. That cleared it up!
  4. I have a 3TB share that is fully sync'd between three devices. Any time I look at Resilio, I notice that it's pushing a 300kbps stream of "updates." The problem is, nothing in that directory has changed in months. Why is this happening?
  5. I swear, Resilio's interaction with customers is possible some of the worst I have ever experienced. Did you even look at the screenshot? That's an error page a user receives if their card is expired. If I were the web dev at your org, I would be ashamed.
  6. I had to go to my account and edit the payment info. Odd that bittorrent kept payment method on record for a lifetime purchase.
  7. More importantly, it would appear the Resilio is dialing home to get ad campaign information? If it's dialing home for ad campaign information, it's pretty much guaranteed it's dialing home with analytics data. Your own privacy policy fails to mention that you collect data for marketing purposes: Resilio uses such information for the following general purposes: to fulfill your requests for products and services, improve our services, conduct research, and provide anonymous reporting for internal and external clients. We don't want an apology. We want to know that paying us
  8. We need more info. Did the ad display by mistake? Is this something we are going to have to disable every time we used Sync? Why are paid customer being shown ads?
  9. Also a paid user and I'm seeing ads. This isn't acceptable.
  10. My current setup hasn't changed in a number of months. Recently, I have had troubles getting transfer speeds over 111KB/s while inside my network and I'm completely unable to connect when outside my network. Setup: FreeNAS running resilio-2.4.4-amd64, static IP, port set in Sync and forwarded on the router Desktop running Resilio 2.5.2 on Windows 10, static IP, port set in Sync and forwarded on router Sony z5c running 2.5.4 on Android 7.0 If I move the Android device off WiFi and on to cellular network, it can't locate other devices to sync with. Between the three
  11. What is a pro user? I purchased a license when it was BT Sync. I've updated to 2.4 and don't have the scheduling feature.
  12. @RomanZ this bug effects more than just MS Office. I don't even have MS Office installed and I'm experiencing this bug. It happens with the configuration files for a number of my development applications (NuSphere PhpED, SQLYog, etc.). I have to close btsync anytime I'm using my computer because I can't open and close files associated with my work.