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  1. Actually they're not the same, one is a Cloud based solution (with 3rd party involvement), the other is a P2P based one (no 3rd party running costs). The only thing to consider with P2P based solutions are development costs for new software releases, so the 'subscription model' (usually best represented when providing a SERVICE) make little sense here.
  2. Is the time stamp of a file affected by Time Zone on file systems? Surely BTSync should be time zone independent and sync when the file is created in real time, not based on time zone/file time-stamp... ie Create a file in USA PC (timezone PST), sync'ed within 1-2 mins on a PC found in UK (timezone GMT).
  3. maybe its me but your responses reek of sarcasm? I'm already using a NAS for mirroring remotely, that wasn't the reason why i posted...sync is sync, its not restricted as you have defined it. Perhaps BTSync has these restrictions (thus the OP), but certainly not by any definition of "Synchronization". please lock this thread or delete it.
  4. Hi there, I want to sync 2 folders on the same PC (mirror them, they're on 2 different drives) however BTSync wont allow it. I get the error "Selected folder is already added to BitTorrent Sync." Is there a way to mirror sync 1 folder (which is actually on another PC) on 1 device across 2 or more target folders on the same device? if not, why not? are there any reasons why BTSync restricts this? (before I bother making a 'feature' request ;P) i don't see it as a problem, considering there are many sync programs that already do this, as long as your not syncing the same folder on the same
  5. Here is the "Remove Sync folder" option (right click menu on the path/folder you want to remove)
  6. The AppData folder was only present on the 1st (source) Remote PC, not the 2nd remote/local PC nor the NAS. I sent the logs to the email address for the Remote PC. I decided to re-install BTSync & generate new keys on the remote PC that was causing the issue, and re-permission the BTSync folder to allow it to be run as a service (re-permissioned it before to allow this, otherwise it uses the /user/appdata/roaming/ folder to store its data, which is useless for a non-login service), and now it seems to be working ok so far except there is only 1 (legit) file left to sync showing on the 2nd
  7. yes, but it makes no difference. Here is the setup: Remote PC (data mainly used/changed/updated and .syncignore file doesn't seem to ignore the files on this PC) <-> NAS (backup, has same .syncignore file) <-> 2nd remote/local PC (minimal/little updates, it has same .syncignore file and not suppose to have Remote PC ignore files/folder) I have it running as a service for only 1 user on the Remote PC (BTSync config/cache files are located in the c:\Program Files\BTSync\ folder and read/writeable by BTsync all ok), and I have the 2nd remote/local PC running the app as normal (a
  8. The syncignore file has been there from the start so I'll just try re-adding the folder, otherwise I'll send the debug logs.
  9. I have AppData folder in the SyncIngore list on all PC's (I've tried variations \AppData\*, AppData\, AppData, etc.) but it seems BT Sync still Sync Queues this folder. It shouldn't even bother looking in this folder - esp from the PC that has this folder (which has the ignore). As Shown here: Shouldn't it just ignore the AppData folder on the remote PC (its in the SyncIngore file on that PC)?