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  1. I'll try that out. Thank you very much for the help!
  2. I have added a folder to my android using the QR Read Only. Then I deactivated Selective sync so the whole folder is synced, At deatils Permissions are Read & Write. The only thing I can see that might be a problem is that the folder I added already existed (I'd rather not download 16GB from scratch) and while on PC I got notified of the existing .sync folder and chose to delete it (through the program, I'm talking about the "another instance" warning), no such notifications appeared on Android. Maybe the .sync folder on android overwrote my RO settings from PC?
  3. Sorry, turns out there was an issue on my PC's side. Now it works. Thanks for the help! EDIT: How do I get BTSync to only read from my PC, not write as well? I'm tired of deleting files on my PC for them only to be created again from my android.
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately, it says that the devices didn't link. Both my PC and the Android are connected to the internet. They are online... BTsync on PC says they're not
  5. I have recently reinstalled my OS (upgraded to Windows 10). I have thus lost my previous BitTorrent Sync configuration on the PC, but I still have it on my Android phone. Is there a way to reenter my account on the computer? EDIT: For some reason, the link device button is greyed out on PC.
  6. I have 2 issues. The more pressing one is that after moving some folders on my PC I was forced to disconect the syncing and create a new one because you can't change the location of a sync. OK. But now, my Android decided to redownload everything. 20 GB of music is being redownloaded, despite the fact it's still on my phone. I'm guessing the index failed. Second issue, not as pressing, I have read only on my phone, I noticed that when I delete a folder on my PC it doesn't always delete on the phone as well. Is this normal? Thank you. now, for example, My PC says out of sync and my android says Receiving. The folders should be identical on both ends.
  7. Bump? I really don't like having a ton of pictures in my music folders. Is there no way to avoid this problem with Sync?
  8. Yes, but should I see it as a separate file? I now have folders on my Android that have more pictures than songs...
  9. I have a sync set between the My Music folder on my PC and another folder on my Android's MicroSD Card (all the way into the application's directory, because Google is dumb and won't let me sync a folder further anywhere else on the card). For some reason, the Android folder includes pictures (I'm guessing cover art). The same pictures aren't present on the PC (not hidden either), so I'm guessing they're embedded on the audio files. Is it normal for Sync to copy those pictures over to the Android? Thank you.