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  1. It works with a 3.rd party app => https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse/wiki/Fuse-Over-Amazon You can mount your s3 bucket to a local folder...
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    Sync API wishlist

    working with Remote folder AND files like amazon s3
  3. Is it possible to use BtSync with Amazon S3?
  4. Hi i am new here to BtSync. We have developed an Online Virtual-Desktop (called www.mytransfer.center), we host all Instances via Amazon AutoScale (Ec2) and all Crypted Userfiles in Amazon S3 tier. Now we are Interessting in BtSync and get our API-Key yesterday. It is possible to run BtSync in S3 or all ec2 instances to sync all user files (from all AutoScale instances, too)? We have seen this PHP snippet: We have already installed BtSync on our Local-TestServer with the config file and started in gui mode, the sync is working good (local and via Internet), but with on of the api snippet above we cant get any information about folder or files Did any one have a code snippet to get files from amazon S3 over an ec2 instance or directly over s3?Thank you in advance
  5. Great thank you!
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    Cheap Php Client

    Thank you! Iam new here, thanks for your snipped. Please provide us any updates, we will test this.