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  1. Hello, I have a raspberry pi running sync and synchronizing folders from a home NAS (Apple Airport Extreme). It's taking a long time for sync to re-index and find file changes on the NAS as they are modified/added/deleted by other machines accessing it and as far as I know the only way sync finds these changes is on re-scanning/re-indexing the NAS. I have two point's I'd like bring here: 1) Is there a way to speed this process ? For instance prioritizing more important folders over others that I know are not often changed or are less important/critical? 2) Is there a way to tell sync to "look into that folder now" as I know things changed and want them to be shared asap? These were somehow discussed years back without a clear answer so I am bringing the issue back, after several new versions as it seems they still exists or the solution or work-around (if any) was not shared. Despite the points above, sync is a great product and refining it considering these points would make it even better. Suggestions, hints are welcome. Thanks in advance. Carlos Benjamin.
  2. I found that on the other peer, there is no messages of locked files. Also, if I open the peer list on the machine where the locked files are reported, the transfer queue is empty and the green checkmark indicating that the synchronization is complete appears. The Sync complete checkmark actually appears in front of the locked files message. Could it be that there is no locked files and the message is a reminiscence of the locked files when they occurred and are now synced? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am currently on 1.4.103 and have the same issue of locked files that cannot be sync on two diferente folders. Rebooted machine several times, BTS running for long time (weeks to month) and the message does not disappear neither the number of locked files decrease over time. It does not indicate which files are locked. On one folder there were 719 locked files on other one only 1. This is an area imho that needs some improvements. The product is getting better at every release and despite this glitch, it is very good and usefull.
  4. Hi, I am running btsync on a raspberry pi under raspbian and just installed 1.4.99 and am facing the same error. I upgraded because for some reason my raspbian got corrupted so on a refresh I upgraded everything and am having this problem. I am generating the log file if that could help. Although this is a separate issue, I am also facing word and excel files getting corrupted once in while. On my environment, I have btsync running on Raspbian, Ubuntu, Windows (7 and 8) and on a Mac, and once in a while access with the iphone app. I use if for continuous back-up on a disk on my router. On my log I have error of these types: [20141111 14:36:28.121] TorrentFile: unloading torrent by timeout SyncFileEntry: failed to create symlink then the path and file names