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  1. Unfortunately no. I ended up bailing on using Sync to get this done, and went with an FTP syncing script that runs @reboot in crontab. Less elegant but it gets the job done. Unfortunately my system is deployed and I cant get to it for another couple of months. Once I do, I am looking forward to trying Sync 2.0. This project is such a cool idea, hopefully the kinks will get ironed out soon. At the time of writing my first question I believe Sync 2.0 was in alpha and unavailable for a Pi (without a headache). Haven't researched thoroughly yet, but I am HOPING there is a simple repo install, or at least an easily downloadable package to install 2.0 on a Raspbian machine.
  2. Indexing completed. Both systems show 1 of 1 Peer, but out of sync with the full load of files to be transferred, but not transferring anything. Actually, when I checked both peers show each other as offline. They are both certainly online (I'm looking at both of them at the same time on the same Lan, can ping between them etc). Well shoot, this is a whole new problem now... But still, it seems as though they have communicated enough to know they are out of sync, and both are showing needing to send or receive the entirety of my content.
  3. I see. I'll give it some time to index, and come back with results. Thanks for the assist!
  4. In all attempts I mentioned after setting it up, the Pi would eventually say "Out of Sync" and the hover text would say 2888.34 GB of updates. Neither Source nor Target indicated indexing in any significant way, although again I am new, not sure how to tell for sure. At one point it said "Indexing" under status I believe and now it says out of sync. Am I wrong to assume that means the indexing is complete? Starting the sharing process from scratch so I can pay a little more attention and provide better info. Added a new Shared Folder: Status = No Peers - indexing While still Indexing got a read only shared link, and added to the Pi's bittorrent webgui. -Destination not Empty. Add Anyway. - Yes Approved the request. Green Check - Indexing on the Source Green Check - no text on the Target Both now say Out of Sync with an Up Arrow on Source When I click the peers link on Source it shows the Target machine with an Up Arrow and a growing count of Gigs/Files. That implies that it is already finding differences across the files it has indexed, does it not? This is consistent with what I saw before, and eventually it gets to a state where it wants to upload a FileCount and Size that is consistent to the sum of my files.
  5. I am trying to sync LARGE folder from a Windows Machine to any other device (at the moment a Raspberry Pi with a USB Drive, but if I get this working it will be any other device). Large is just shy of 3TB. My thinking was that while I have access to USB I could pre-sync the folder by simply copying files over and then running BTSync to mirror any additional changes. Sync of course wanted to overwrite every file on the Pi. I am assuming due to changes in the file attributes triggering sync to replace them. Trying to use Sync across the lan will take roughly a Month and is outside the bounds of my timeframe. My next try was to use a Robocopy /copyall which in theory should make an exact duplicate of the file including attributes (created/modified timestamps etc). Still wants to overwrite the entire contents of the drive. I am a little stumped, and hopefully there is a way to achieve this? I really like Sync and dont want to have to resort to rsync and chron to automate mirroring my drive. tl:dr How do you manually copy files from a source directory to a target directory and then have Sync maintain them as mirrored without overwriting every file in the target. PS: Apologies if this is a trivial question. I'm new to sync, and spent most of yesterday on Google, and these Forums trying to figure this out.