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  1. How do I do this? When I go to BT sync 2 and make a folder, then Click Share, I get a link, but when I use this link on the older mac, it takes me to a webpage that says "Install Sync 2, If you have Sync 1.4 or earlier, please update first."
  2. Hello, Is there any version of Sync 2 that would work with os 10.6? I have a Mac with Os 10.6 and Sync 1.4, and another Mac with Os 10.9 and Sync 2. I havent found a way to make a new synced folder between these, as sync 2´s links dont work in the older one. Is there a version I can install to the older Mac, or another workaround? best regards, Markus
  3. To me, this does not sound good. What is the idea of this archiving? I have not seen an option to view previous versions or other uses for it. If I have big files that are temporary, or use syc to transfer files from one mac to another, now this ends up with a huge invisible archive. Can one turn this option off? Does the archive have some kind of size / time limit, or does it just keep growing?