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  1. Thanks for your effort. Will this likely work on Debian with the same signing and repository instructions?
  2. For a completely new installation, I want my Linux system to boot, and btsync to run, off a fast 64Gb USB3 flash drive in my USB3 port, while the data is stored on a 2TB spinning disk in my computer (Intel NUC Celeron processor). What is the best way to set this up, given that everything is starting from scratch? I have done the first part: install Debian Jessie 8.1 and btsync (using the Yeasoft repository version, now at v2). I set up my credentials within the web interface, and everything started working OK, but with the '/mnt' as the default folder location, which will be on the boot driv
  3. Sorry to hear that. The partial syncing with placeholder files available in v2 is good for laptops with small SSDs.
  4. <bump> My question about whether Linux GUI for btsync 2.0 will ever be available is still not answered. Does anyone have any information about this? There has been nothing from tuxpoldo since March, when he wrote that it would be ready in "a few days". It all seems a bit of a mystery...
  5. Its more than six weeks since tuxpoldo has posted here, and no-one has responded to my question. It is making me suspicious that there is some fatal problem with the linux version of Sync v 2.0, perhaps with implementing the placeholder-only partial sync, which is what I want. Perhaps the company needs to put funding into the Linux version of this product, rather than relying on a volunteer effort? I am a paid subscriber to Sync Pro, largely in the expectation that I would be able to use it with partial sync on Linux, Mac and Windows.
  6. This may be happening: If you install the version downloaded from, you get v2.0 and access it through the webui. If you also load the gui version using your software repository, it appears to be stuck at 1.4, so you get that when you use the GUI. In otherwords, you may have installed both versions. I know I did that myself in trying to get this to work on Linux Debian Jessie. But there still has not been an answer to my question: are we supposed to be able to install v2 for Linux GUI desktop, or is that still awaiting release? I do not understand.
  7. I'm new here, and a bit confused: are we still waiting for for Sync 2.0 for Linux desktop on Debian? The version of btsync-gui on the debian jessie release channel installs Sync 1.4 for me.