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  1. Hello, I am testing Sync Basic ahead of setting up the entire network for Sync pro. As MacBook Pro-s (MBP) with latest Yosemite always crashed in sleep-mode I uninstalled Sync and crashes didn't occur again. As long as Sync had been installed, MBPs didn't seem to really "go asleep" (remained very hot), lost fluent memory content and started restoring content from long before turning into sleep mode. Is that issue known? Is there a work around? Is there any feature in Sync Pro, that could avoid that. Thanks in advance and best regards May
  2. Hello, I am assessing BitTorrent Basic and fail to sync my large main Documents folder (175GB) from one Mac with another (both OS 10.10.3.) without that BitTorrent at initial syncing creates *.bts files. I want that at initial syncing all files remain original full size files (important to keep links operational). Is there a way to do that? Would "Pro" have a feature therefor? Cheers M.