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  1. That's fine, it may be ok after I disabled windows 10 updates. I can't recreate for now, the computer is down.
  2. It looks like after I disabled windows updates it didn't delete the identity, but it did still mess settings up after reboot. I didn't see any link sent to me but I'm attaching to this post. - last activity with messup in it
  3. hi! It appears that windows 10 is causing the bittorent sync settings and identity to reset each day. I've disabled windows update and am hoping it stops, but it seems like it's maybe not bittorent sync's fault? But I am not having issues in any other programs though. Basically, each day after the computer has been shut off, new boot up, bittorent sync starts on startup, and it has no identity and a new one has to be created and all folders synced again. No data is being lost, it's just losing all settings daily. I THINK it's windows update that's doing it. Any ideas?
  4. Adding in a question of how it applies when syncing with others, only a person with a paid pro account could search a share that you created with the on demand feature? For instance, if you didn't have the pro version, and they did, they could search on demand. But if you had the pro version, they can't search your 10 gig of data without also having the pro version?