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  1. Helen, you are right, this might occur. I'll take it as a warning, but will test it out nevertheless until I find a more suiting solution. So I'll check out the cloud users and see what can be done here. Thank you for your guidance - and a wonderful evening!
  2. Helen, thank you for sharing your thoughts. For me, Owncloud would not serve as a syncing client. This would only be done by BTSync. Owncloud should only act as a webfrontend for me. So thinking about such a setup - why should it cause problems? On the other hand - can you recommend another webfrontend to access and possibly download the files? Thank you - or others of course - for your feedback.
  3. Good morning, one of the reasons why I use Sync is to have an offsite data replication on my VPS. As an additional benefit, I would like to have something like a website for seeing, not editing, the content. For such a reason, Owncloud seems to be the perfect choice. Is there anyone experienced in combining these two tools? Thank you for your help, br, Connor
  4. What I would love to see is a possibility to limit/ select the peers that are communicating. I am using BTSync in my home network as well as on a cloud server. Inside my home network, there are two servers, a NAS and three mobile phones, each running Sync. The NAS finally consolidates all data (to work as a duplication). For me it would be perfect if I had the possibility to configure Sync in such a way that only the NAS is able to act as source for the cloud server. Here I was told to do so by manipulating the cloud server, but I am hoping for an easier solution. Br, Connor
  5. If I am not mistaken, the configuration file sits under /etc/btsync (it is a .json file now). If you cannot find it, use either the whereis or locate command to check the path. Br, Connor
  6. Hi, what exactly don't you feel comfortable with? If it is the security of the GUI, you can use a password protection, a custom port and force SSL-connection. Please keep in mind that the GUI does nothing more or less than to configure the traffic, which uses different ports and enctyption. When referring to the traffic, it is encrypted using TLS at 128 bit (please correct me if I am wrong), which isn't to bad, I think. So what exaczly is your concern? Br, Connor
  7. Good morning, after being able to resolve my problem with a Debian installation via the official package manager, I also wanted to use the official linux repo for my CentOS VPS. The installation went through smoothly, not stating any error or problem. When trying to start the btsync service, I receive a 'btsync unrecognized service". When looking for btsync files, I can also realise that no file or directory was created. The yum.log also is no help at all - so, any ideas on this? Thank you for your guidance, Connor
  8. @RomanZ: You (in this case me...) should be sure what you are doing... There was an old repo enabled. After removing it, it worked without any problem. Sorry for wasting time.
  9. Dear all, I read with pleasance the announcement that btsync would now be available through the official linux packages. I tried to replace my former script with such an installation. After installation on Debian, I was able to start the service. As I wanted to migrate my existinh shares, I copied the files from the .sync folder to /var/lib/btsync. After doing so, the service wouldn't start again, stating: "Failed, check your config file". This file shows nothing that would explain such a behaviour. Any ideas on this? Thank you in advance, br, connor
  10. Roman, thank you for clarifying. If I understand correctly there is currently no option or flag to prevent instances to sync to external IPs, right? Best regards, Connor
  11. Good morning, I use BTSync to keep my mobile, servers and NAS (all in a local LAN) synced. That works perfect. As I also want to have an off-site replication, I want to ise BTSync on my VPS. Is there any way to limit the upload speed only to external sources out of the local LAN? Otherwise, a possibility to only use the NAS for syncing would be perfect. Any ideas on this? Thqnk you in advance, best regards, Connor
  12. Honestly? Because I seemingly still have to get used to this kind of sync. I thought that it might be a good idea to "collect" the data ob the server and to sync just the consolidated data - but that is isn't necessary here. So finally, I will sync the folders individually... Thank you for pointing me into the right direction, br, Connor Gesendet von meinem SM-G925F mit Tapatalk
  13. Dear all, I started with BTSync to have my different devices synced. Until now, I have set up a central server and my two cell phones. First thing: Backing up works great and as expected. After this, I now want to expand this to my two home servers. And here, I start to struggle. What I want to do is to backup my two cell phone photos to a central server. As said, this works. The backup is done do /backup/cell/cell1/photos respectively /backup/cell/cell2/photos. The whole directory /backup/cell shall afterwards be backed up to another machine. If I try to add the folder on the server via the GUI, it gives me an error, telling me that the desired directory can't be added to sync, as it contains a folder that is already synced. How can I get around this issue? Thank you for your help, br, Connor