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  1. @RomanZ I am ok in helping providing data to fix issues and I have made myself available multiple times for a team viewer session to show exactly the problem and gather all the logs together. I've lost patience when applying the update 2.3.1 that was supposed to fix some issues has disrupted our folders, forcing us to restore backup of several days before losing some files updated in the meantime. If a problem stays unsolved for months like in our case I think should allow us at least to talk to your support instead of just sending emails and log files, to explain some context that may help you finding your bugs. During the only team viewer session that I was able to make with the support I have explicitly tried to talk to the support person but I have been replied that only chat is allowed. This is not helpful if you want to find and fix huge bugs like this one, that has been leading us to losing files during the update.
  2. Where can I find setup files for downgrading to a version that works? previous version to 2.3.1 has issues but at least doesn't delete files on its own for no reason.
  3. I will write a detailed story some time in the future, but I would like to share with everyone that the latest BitTorrent Sync 2.3.1 update has been causing multiple .Conflict directories on regular subfolders and has been randomly deleting many files in some directories for some other obscure reason. Oh don't tell me that they've been moved to .archive directory please. We have been forced to restore a backup from our constantly running Time Machine as the alternative would have been moving hundreds of deleted files one by one in their proper places, dividing what's in the archive because it has been explicitly deleted by some user from what is in the archive because latest BT update has gone nuts. Losing files for a product that as of a version 2.x.x should be considered mature and stable is unacceptable. We're sharing our gigabytes of log files with the PRO level support but we get useless and pointless answers. As we cannot get to talk with a human being after months of malfunctioning behaviors, that I was able to _show_ to the support via Teamviewer, we're just closing the issue open since november 2015. This thing has been wasting already too much time in debugging BTSync software logs. That being said, I would suggest any user to think twice before thinking this product could be more useful than personal backup. BitTorrent Sync is not ready for company usage, even small company like us, unless you have few files and a strong backup policy.
  4. My conflicts are not caused by symbolic links nor accents in filenames. I think that directory has been renamed in the past and it was showing the old name as "ghost" folder.
  5. Another suggestion that I have is to provide a BitTorrent Sync Folder where users can upload log files and share then with you, because in your support page it's hard to upload log files that are several gigabytes big. After all BitTorrent Sync should be the best tool to share large amount of large files with someone, right? Why not use it to share logs?
  6. We're running 200 Gb of data in 300.000 files divided in about 20 folders (each folder is never more than 40 Gb). We've been experiencing issues with "ghost" folder happening after renames of big folders. We have a ticket open since November and after months of sending log files, a Teamviewer session showing the EXACT problem on two peers (that were not having any file permission issue) we have been told to update to latest to fix our problems. What we've got is: - All Macs are running at 100% CPU all the time while before they where fine (I still need to check the windows machines). - Some folders now have the majority of the subfolders that have become .conflict folder, leaving the original one empty The support is having hard time debugging the problem because they need the right logs from the right peers at the right time. The logs themselves are overwriting at incredible speed and makes this always very hard. Why don't you provide a "Collect all logs from peers from Date to Date" functionality if you desperately need these logs every time?
  7. I am experiencing the same issues on OSX. We have large amount of files (200 Gb divided in about 20 folders for a total of 300k files). It's important to mention that the previous version with the same amount and type of data after the obvious CPU time needed during the startup phase, everything was calming down very quickly and running smooth.