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  1. When the camera roll on my iphone is synced to the folders on my computer they retain the original file name. I wish the file name was a date or customizable instead of dcf450394.jpg.
  2. a section that appears thousands of time in many log files [2016-03-13 18:23:40] [SyncFolderNotify] Event: FA_MODIFIED, File: AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\sync.log [2016-03-13 18:23:40] [OnNotifyFileChange] "\\?\C:\Users\aaron\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\sync.log" [2016-03-13 18:23:40] [SyncFolderNotify] Event: FA_MODIFIED, File: AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\sync.log [2016-03-13 18:23:40] [OnNotifyFileChange] "\\?\C:\Users\aaron\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\sync.log" [2016-03-13 18:23:40] [SyncFolderNotify] Event: FA_MODIFIED, File: AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\syn
  3. I should have been more clear. The top folder that is selected and added is the folder test. The boxes indicate folders.
  4. step 1 create data to sync example: folder (test1) with (data1) text file and subbfolder (sub1) inside step 2 add folder to btsync step 3 add items to ignorelist step 4 restart computer step 5 use read and write key to add folder to 2nd device ignorelist test1 test2\* \test3 results all 3 folders where on the second device all 3 subfolders where on the second device none of the data files where synced over to the second device in any folder
  5. I used that syntax link and I was getting mixed results. I created five folders for the single file a single folder in each and try a different method to prevent each one from syncing. I got mixed results based on the ways that I tested (I'll post my results.) Also when I tried to implement the partially successful syntax, I ended up with different I ended up with different salts results. Possibly my issue is in the timing. I add the folder then edit the ignore list in the .sync folder. So by the time I edit the list it's already been indexing. The btsync Service was holdi
  6. I had the idea of backing up my entire user (Aaron) on windows 10. This would back up my desktop or my documents or pictures folders and so on. There are folders that were included that I didn't want, specifically Appdata. I did some research and came across the ignorelist in the .sync file. I have made some attempts and have made some progress. My questions are as follows. What is the syntax to prevent a entire subfolder from syncing? Will btsync always continue to index all folders? Also Is it common for the Btsync Service to use processing power continuously?
  7. @Roman Z I ran across this while i was working on this this issue. Unfortunately installing this package didnt resolve it. I did a clean install to test this. I do believe that a missing package could be an issue though.
  8. @Roman Z that made it work and boot at start. my next part I am working on is getting permissions fixed. I tried using this command hoping to get the user running the service to change to pi and received this message. pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo systemctl --user start btsync Failed to get D-Bus connection: Connection refused
  9. An update to this issue. Moe i will give that a try. Thanks There seems to be a confirmed bug in the official debian installation method.
  10. i am using the server version of Ubuntu 15.10. Could that have an effect on being able to use this command? sudo systemctl enable btsync
  11. aaron@ubuntu:~$ sudo systemctl enable btsync [sudo] password for aaron: Synchronizing state of btsync.service with SysV init with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install... Executing /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable btsync The unit files have no [Install] section. They are not meant to be enabled using systemctl. Possible reasons for having this kind of units are: 1) A unit may be statically enabled by being symlinked from another unit's .wants/ or .requires/ directory. 2) A unit's purpose may be to act as a helper for some other unit which has a requirement depend
  12. I just completed a clean install of Ubuntu 15.10. I did all available updates. I installed btsync by way of the new official apt-get. I am able to use the commands to start and stop the service. The problem is I am trying to make it auto start. There is an init.d script in place that is very different from what other people are using (see above). This may be a rookie mistake but I can't find any information because of how the new be official apt-get option is.