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  1. Thanks, could not find it with ps -a, but got it killed via System Monitor.
  2. I can pause the sync in gui, but how can I stop the process/service?
  3. NAS still remembers the folders.
  4. I guess I missread the guide. I do have debug.txt in folder where my btsync binary is. It only contains the F's and a zero in second line. I read the article, but I am not sure it is relevant in this situation. I think I have everything in place, all the .sync folders (near btsync binary, Kamaa and Tähelliset) containing what they should (near binary lots of files, in Kamaa and Tähelliset only the things you mention. I do not want to restore files from encrypted folder, only want it to appear in attached view. Now the folders have disappeared again. Yesterday I did have Kamaa and Tä
  5. My Android Pictures folder sync'd just fine. Then I went Add backup -> ADD CAMERA BACKUP. Now Camera backup shows "0 files, 0 B" even when there are over a hundred photos in SDCARD/DCIM folder and Camera is set to save in SDCARD. How can I backup my photos from camera?
  6. It works again, and I do not know why. I put the sync.log to Tähelliset/.sync for future problems. Is there some metadata I can backup and restore if this happens again?
  7. Now my camera folder disappeared too. I haven't changed anything. If I reconnect, how can I prevent this from happening again? Will the resync take long this way? My Tähelliset folder is over 1TB.
  8. When I started btsync program and went to localhost:888, it asked creditentials. I gave the same I previously had. I think it asked new ones but I just put the same I had earlier. I do have the keys.
  9. My folders disappeared, I previously had at least two folders. I think I remember my creditentials and sync name right. How do I get the folders back? I tried to get my camera folder back, and that is the only one showing here. I do have a sync folder with NAS, but it does not show here. I do have the keys to the important NAS folder, can I use them to get back the folders? When I log into NAS sync gui, the folders are there. I can see the Fingerprint of the device, can that help?
  10. I have Synology 212j and I successfully installed BTsync. I want to create encrypted folder to NAS, but I cant.