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  1. I have 2.5.9 and i had a 10gb log, i simply did a shift delete and it deleted it from windows explorer. Not sure if it will come back. Didn't need to do any of the things listed above, also the file was just a day old so it was/is still being used.
  2. Here is the answer i got, if anyone else is experiencing the same problem. I asked in my reply if i could get a beta or alpha, or somehow use the older IOS version. No answer yet. Hello,Thank you for contactimg us.We know about such app behaviour and it will be fixe din 2.5 app version for iOS. When it will be released sorry no ETA. Anyway please stay tuned for updates.Best regards,Anna
  3. Hi Helen, I was able to find the logs on my windows install, do i send them directly to support or post here?. I was able to create the adhoc and join it with 2 iOS devices which see each other and can sync with each other. My adhoc network is considered private by windows. There are exceptions for resilio sync for both public and private in the windows firewall. I have the latest version for all resilio sync's including windows and iOS devices. Also i just completely deleted my resilio sync and reinstalled as i had been messing around with settings for days tryi
  4. In the past i was able to create an adhoc wireless network on my windows 10 and 8 laptops, then connect an ipad or iPhone and do a wlan sync without internet. I can still ping my apple devices IP address from laptop (windows 10 pro x64 with most current public release and newest wifi drivers). I can also use other iOS programs and transfer between iOS and laptop, so i believe the adhoc network is still functioning fine. I have to do this as i am out of internet connection range at times and also i don't want to waste iPhone monthly bandwidth when i am in range. It never shows a peer also I
  5. I guess must not be a very active forum, i answered my own question, created an ad hoc network in Windows 10 via the following instructions. Found in the following link - Windows 10 misses the ability to set ad hoc network feature, But Windows 10 has the Internet Connection Sharing or ICS feature that permits your PCs internet connection to connect with the devices, though you cannot share the internet as it do
  6. I work on ships and would like to be able to sync via a wifi connection, independent of the internet between my ipad and my win10 machine. I was thinking i would use my iphone to create a hotpot and connect both via wifi, but i am open to other suggestions to create the local wifi network. Has anyone done this successfully? If so please advise. I am doing this to save bandwidth and also there are times we just don't have internet.