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  1. I'm having this problem, I see some files pdf, jpg etc say error to load on the app by default to open, I have copy on Local Machine and on the remote machine. And the files say the same problem cant open by default applicacion, then I open the files with Notepad++ to see the content to see different on remote and local or if is sync on progress. And I see a very bad surprice, files are empy, my files are a dummys, filled with nothing, on both sides local and remote. But I see the folder /.sync/archive and the files showed on the archive are OK. Then where is the problem?
  2. Yes I'm sure. The problem is Resilio crash, I start to see everything is ok, I see the folder, uploads, downloads etc and then I will dont see anything. I check on the task manager and resilio is running I go to services and restart Resilio. But Cant access to the Web UI if I dont reboot the machine and ofcourse the remote seed dont see my machine my seed crash.
  3. Hi Helen, the machine I have installed Resilio is: CPU(s) Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70GHz 32GB RAM HDD RAID 1 4TBx2. Have maybe 10 shared folders over Resilio and has 800GB.
  4. Helen today I update my both sides with the same version you share. I start to sync folder by folder and wait. Maybe this version fix the error. Start to say 8GB to sync, but start to sync escape a lot of files are on the other side. I continue checking it.
  5. I make 8 folder and sync, but the problem continue. Not at the same old, but continue.
  6. Today I try to access to the resilio web ui and I have and I see this error: The help link don't work.
  7. You are right, this problem start when I update resilio and try the pro version.
  8. Hi guys, In this days my resilio lost the identity and I re-add the folder again and again. But I re-add and all work fine again. I see the option to try the pro version, and I try to link the devices, I see is a bit diferen sync folder on the link devices. I have many folder and sync on diferenct folder on my remote and local computer and when I sync devices find a location for all. Then I unlink the devices and re-add the folders. Now I have a problem because resilio say downloading a lot of files on my folders, I dont delete the folder on the origina place and do
  9. Hi and thank you, I have Resilio Service. I will make an small script. 1.Backup Identity I want. 2. On every reboot restore the identity (if I add new folders need to make a new backup identity). 3. Start the Resilio Service. And I think if this work fine, why not make it the Resilio Developers? Just: Resilio Start. Check the identity. If not exitst=>>Check if is the first time start.=>> Create One. If not first time. Find Identity lasted Backup and restore. Check if work fine, if not restore older backup. On e
  10. Where is the identity saved? I want to make a backup and restore on every reboot, because I'm having a problem with this every 2 days and is too bored add again all my folders.
  11. Hi, I'm starting to love Resilio. But I have an small question, how can I set priorities for my syncs? I have 10 Folders, every folder is shared with own key. I have in some folders a lot of information (200GB, 100GB or 450GB). I have 1 folder very small (100MB) and every day at 6pm I add a new file with 3MB, no a lot, but this folder is the maximum priority. And sometimes sync so faster, for example I get the new file at 6:02PM that's so wolderfull. But sometimes take many hours. On uTorrent we have the priority level for torrents and for files under the torrent.
  12. Hi, I'm having a problem. I Sync a Big folder with many sub-folders level. On 1 Sub-Folder I found a "Folder.Conflict", I delete the folder.conflict and again sync with the same name. I see I have a SymbolicLink with the same name, then I delete Both the Symbolic Link and the Folder.Conflict. Now Resilio start to Sync the new files and sub-folders inside my new folder without conflict but with old data, just sync the new data. And I delete all from Archive and delete from Recycle Bin. Any suggestions?