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  1. I have just noticed that sync has disappeared (?) from my windows machines. Was it removed by the last Windows update? Extremely strange!
  2. I use both Resilio to sync to other computers as Google Drive to keep a backup in the cloud. But now when editing a doc(x) both Resilio and Google complain. Resilio that a file is locked, Google that I moved it to the Bin and occasionally Atlantis freaks and discuvers the file is uneditable. Are they conflicting or is Atlantis WP to blame?
  3. I see also that there is now a "source" computer. Which is obviously my main one... but I always try to keep everything in two places. hence the second main machine, If anything happens to the first (source) then the second needs to become the source. I foresee hassles if and when that happens. Or am I overreacting?
  4. I started using Sync in February 2013 (!) and had thhis several times in the early stages. I was assuming that now it had reached a paid-for 2.0 it would be clever enough to see when two folders are already (almost) identical.
  5. Surely this can't seriously be what SYnc is doing? How many years have we been beta testers to provide a farce like this?
  6. That is so true. I would have been tearing my hair out - if I had any. I sync several folders and would have been fine unregistered... but decided to support and buy Pro. But now trying to find my way around is a disaster. Even reporting a bug/problem is a disaster. (I am expected to type over my ID,as it's not possible to copy and paste it.) I also have a lot of data on two 3 TB drives. Selected folders are synced on both drives, but this looks impossible with Sync 2? Now I also gather I have to relearn everything and especially the difference between disconnected, connected and synced. ANd I shouldn't actually "link" my computers as "my devices" after all. Why is it so complicated?
  7. I was quite happy to sync my folders selectively with Sync. But I want to support the software so bought Pro. Now things have changed entirely. I am completely lost in the new interface/syncing system. Why does it have to be so complicated?? And why do I have to find a License ID and then type it out because I can't copy it to submit a help request - only to find that despite all this I am not logged in so have to start over? How the f%$# am I supposed to carry on syncing the folders I was syncing?????
  8. Are you really sure you want to automatically sync your Qnap? I had been thinking along similar lines. I have my three main work computers synchronised, but I'm very glad I have a NAS which gets updated once a day by a global Robocopy command from one of my main Windows machines to copy everything to the NAS. The problem with synchronisation without any main backup is that if you delete a file in one place by mistake, it gets deleted everywhere. So I'm much happier to depend on an old-fashioned copy command for my NAS... although obviously at intervals I need to delete some of the double files that build up because I've moved files around into different folders at some stage.
  9. While SyncApp's in alpha I still make ample use of BeyondCompare and Hamachi to check folders. I have noticed that SyncApp sometimes seems to get confused if the system clocks are slightly different (15 seconds?). If I add folders that are already i sync. it still seems to want to copy everything.
  10. It is indeed so that people will start using the SyncApp and, if they aren't careful, it could get bogged down syncing 400 GB of music or videos while the daily work files are more urgent. I would like to give my "documents" folder precedence over "music" and "video". So: update the WP file I am working on before getting back to the gazillion media files.
  11. How about upgrading to Windows 7? Might not be a bad idea?
  12. Is it a silly question to ask why your computer goes to sleep? Set it to high performance and keep it awake?
  13. I am using SyncApp to synchronize several folders between my office and home machines. Both sets of settings look identical, but now I note that it my Documents folder is only updating from the Home machine to office, but not vice versa. How can I best check why the sync is only one way?
  14. I note that SyncApp seems to be doing a great job of syncing, but not all the time. E.g. one video file is enough to stop all other transfers. I want to keep my docs synced as first priority, but also to ensure that the video folders on both my main machines are in sync. But the docs are more important and I would like them updated before worrying about the GBs of videos or music or movies. It would be great if there was a way to prioretize transfers?
  15. The app looks great and the interface is ideal! I do note that people what a scheduler, but a bandwidth limiter would also be an option - possibly even with calendar (no limits at night, and stricter limited at times when people want to phone on VOIP.