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  1. I have just noticed that sync has disappeared (?) from my windows machines. Was it removed by the last Windows update? Extremely strange!
  2. I use both Resilio to sync to other computers as Google Drive to keep a backup in the cloud. But now when editing a doc(x) both Resilio and Google complain. Resilio that a file is locked, Google that I moved it to the Bin and occasionally Atlantis freaks and discuvers the file is uneditable. Are they conflicting or is Atlantis WP to blame?
  3. I note that SyncApp seems to be doing a great job of syncing, but not all the time. E.g. one video file is enough to stop all other transfers. I want to keep my docs synced as first priority, but also to ensure that the video folders on both my main machines are in sync. But the docs are more important and I would like them updated before worrying about the GBs of videos or music or movies. It would be great if there was a way to prioretize transfers?
  4. The app looks great and the interface is ideal! I do note that people what a scheduler, but a bandwidth limiter would also be an option - possibly even with calendar (no limits at night, and stricter limited at times when people want to phone on VOIP.