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  1. is there any way to add syncked folder to iPad Resilio That can be accessed from iPad Files application? So that I can save files from any app in iPad to syncked folder. I can share file that is in iPad Files app, but I cannot share folder. If I create shared folder it shows only in iPad Resilio app and it’s not accessible from other apps like MS Word, Adobe Photoshop or any other iPad app.
  2. I've been using Dropbox camera upload and that works just great. It uploads in background when ever I'm in WiFi. All the images are uploaded to a single folder and renamed by creation date (EXIF) year-month-day_hour-minute-second. That is so great, but I'd like to loose Dropbox and use Sync for that also. I'm slowly changing everything from Dropbox to NAS backup. This is the last thing that keeps me still using Dropbox.