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  1. So apparently the three files listed in the StreamsList file ( in OSX / MacOS ) are associated with metadata some apps and finder use for files (icon previews etc). Commenting them out in the file applies almost instantly and stops Sync from getting stuck at 99%. So far so good.
  2. I have a few large sync folder that i share, when other people are working on the files our "syncs" get stuck on 99% for ages listing the files to be transferred as I was wondering if it's safe to comment these out in the StreamsList file?
  3. It's good to see someone talking about a large amount of files, and highlighting that 8GB RAM is required for this amount of data. I have a question though, are you only using Windows based machines? We're currently sync around half the files you have (2TB), mainly on OSX but we seem to be hitting some temporary issues with Sync picking up and trying to reconcile files. I've read that i can comment this out in the StreamsList file to stop this from happening but i'm not sure if it's safe to do so. Wondering if you've come across something similar?