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would it be possible for you to create those !sync on a temp folder (like the .SyncTrash folderin the root folder) ?

The issue i have is I am using btsync to backup my JIRA (wonderful tool by the way) and this can stop the entire application when it finds a file it does not recognized! It would be better to manage all of these sync file you generate under that temp folder instead of having them created inside the folder itself that is monitored by btsync.

I have added in the syncignore the following entry "*\cache\*.*". Can you confirm that this means do not sync any folder (and all it subfolder) that is called "cache" which is anywhere under the root folder ?

I am using it under Windows Server 2008.


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any person with that issue of having !sync file created under the monitored folder ?

Well, yours is quite a specific case... with the issue being a problem relating to a specific 3rd party application, rather than a problem to BitTorrent Itself. Therefore, unless anyone else is running the same 3rd party application you reference, this will unlikely be an issue for general users.

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those !sync file should not polluate the monitored folder...

Why not?! It doesn't cause BitTorrent Sync an issue, as .!Sync files are ignored!!

It only becomes an issue if you have other applications interacting with files in that folder that can't filter/ignore .!Sync files.. but what's the alternative? Store .!Sync files in a "central pool" elsewhere? Where?! ...and how would they be named?! You couldn't have a single central folder "pool" containing all the .!Sync files, as what happens if you're separately syncing two sets of folder, but each contain a file with the same name?! How should their respective .!Sync files be named/stored? ...you'd have to replicate the entire directory structure in the "pool" to avoid conflicts with files of the same name!

..plus there would potentially be more hard disk activity i.e. instead of simply renaming .!Sync files once they've finished transferring, which is what happens at present, instead they'd have to be "moved" from this "central .!sync storage location" back to the original location upon completion - potentially leading to more disk activity/fragmentation!

To be honest the current method of storing in-progress transfers in their original folders as .!Sync files isn't that unusual! I mean, it's no different to the way, say, Windows Live Mesh worked - this used the similar method of creating temporary ".wlx" files in their original folders whilst transfers were in progress.

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May be I misunderstood how those !sync files are used. I had a feeling it was a file "added" during the transfer and that are removed at the end. (I had from time to time some of them staying inside my folder for some reasons and that I simple delete).

If this is not that, then can you re-explain how this works?

My idea was to create those file under a predefined folder. No need to create the entire folder structure and in regards if two files have the exact name (this can happened of course), you can create a filename with a unique id for example (you generate somehow) and inside the file store the exact file path name. It is a little temp file that will not take much disk usage.

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If this is not that, then can you re-explain how this works?

.!Sync files are temporary files which are used to store incoming data.

For example, let's say on one device you have a "file.zip", and this is to be sync'd to a second device.

When the transfer begins, a temporary "file.zip.!Sync" file is created in the destination folder on the second device.

Chunks of data are then added to this file as and when they are received from the first device.

Once all the data has transferred, the ".!Sync" extension is removed (i.e. the file is renamed), resulting in a "file.zip" file on the second device which is an identical copy of the "file.zip" file on the first device.

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This does not explain the behavior i have on my side then.

I have one server ( Server A) which has a folder I want to sync to a remote server (Server B ) .

I have installed BtSync on both servers. On Server A i have added the folder I want to sync. On Server B, I have added a folder and put the read only secret I got from Server A.

Why do I get some !sync files on Server A? there should never be a transfer from Server B to Server A. I expect only a one way feed from Server A to Server B.

PS : that would be great to have on the right click menu a direct link to Copy Read Only Secret : right now we only have Copy Secret

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I am having the same issue on OS X Mavericks with Version 1.2.82 of Bittorrent Sync.


I am using Viivo to encrypt the individual files to a folder that Bittorrent Sync is syncing to my other computers.


What happens is that Bittorrent Sync creates a temporary file with a .!sync extension to the file name.


Viivo then sees that .!sync file and decrypts it back to the unencrypted folder.


The end result is that these .!sync files start replicating back and forth between the synced machines.


Please implement a change which prevents these .!sync files from messing up the ability of 3rd party software to augment Bittorrent Sync.


Thank you!

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