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I have moto RAZR i too, but there are more phones based on Intel x86 processors such as Lenovo K900, Asus Zenfone, etc. I believe that is the only business decision of BitTorrent --- do not release it on Android x86, because it doesn't worth it (x86 on Android isn't popular). It's a pity, when you have to chose your phone depending of the apps you going to run on it.

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all, I've moved this topic over to the Feature Requests forum; feel free to add your +1's, etc to this thread if you've not already contributed, so that the developers can gauge the popularity of this.


The latest word on Android x86 support is as per RomanZ's post above from earlier this year: "We would like to add it in future, but I can't share ETA for now"


Please bear in mind that BitTorrent Inc's resources are finite, and therefore priority has to be given in the first instance (especially whilst Sync remains in "beta") to the more popular operating systems/architectures.


For example, in this forum there also are expressions of desire from the community for Sync support on Blackberry, Windows RT, MIPS, Firefox OS, Chrome OS, Illumos / Smartos... to name but a few, in addition to Android x86 support! (and there's dedicated threads in this forum for each of these as well)


So, as the developers have indicated, they are aware of a desire for Android x86 support, and would like to add it in the future. In the mean time, the best advice would be to add your +1's to this thread so the devs can gauge the level of interest in this.

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I also use the Razr I and would really like an x86 app! I would like to use it to back up my photos and videos. Right now I'm using Dropbox for that, but I'm trying to migrate everything to BTSync. 


For the record, I was able to install the version that's on the page for downloading the Windows XP version of BTSync. The app seems to run just fine, but I have to find a workaround for the fact that Android 4.4 does not give me permission to let BTSync use folders on my SD-card.


I'm by no means an app developer, but as far as I know, compiling an app for x86 in Android is actually a matter of letting the SDK compile a seperate APK for x86. I'm not sure how it handles native ARM code though, so that may be the reason the developers have not yet made an x86 specific APK.

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I've been looking for this for so long and yet I still can find post from 2013 from staff/devs saying "we are working on it". Has something come out from that? Are you still planing on doing it? Have you canceled the migration?


Unfortunately I might be some of the few owners of a Motorola 980i, which comes with an Atom CPU thus it has x86 architecture!


Thanks in advance!


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