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Hi a bit of a strange request but was wondering why the auto update on 1.48.1 is still telling me it is up to date?


The reason I ask is I have this running on a work server but my user rights will not let me run a exe file to load a newer version. and to get head office to dial in to load a new version is a pain. I have updated it twice before always a bit behind but I am running 1.82.1 currently on my other machines hence wanted to bring the server up to date.

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The Sync team are currently focused on Sync 1.2.


There is very little difference between builds 1.1.48 - 1.1.82 (the latest build currently available to end-users), only minor bug fixes - nothing that was deemed "critical" enough to warrant pushing out a new build via auto-update to every user.


Therefore if 1.1.48 is running fine for you without issue, you're not missing out an any "new features" by not running 1.1.82, and you shouldn't worry - 1.1.48 is compatible with 1.1.82.


Auto-update IS working, but not every "beta" build is pushed out via auto-update. Please be patient, new builds will be pushed via auto-update as and when appropriate.

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