Files Don't Sync From Android App?


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I installed Sync for Android today. I already have it installed on my Ubuntu laptop.


1. Created an empty folder on my laptop and used the web UI to set it up as a shared folder.

2. Added a folder in the Android Sync app and obtained the QR code from the desktop.

3. Enabled Automatic Sync for the folder on Android




- Laptop Web UI displays that the Android device is connected. Android device's Sync app reports one device connected.

- Adding a file in the laptop's folder results in immediate sync to Android.

- Pre-existing files in the Android folder do not sync to the laptop.

- Files added in other ways to the Android folder do not sync to the laptop.


I was expecting that this would behave like two PCs which have Sync, and all the files on the Android device would shoot up to the laptop immediately.


Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?

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apatters: could you please send debug logs from your machines? 

You need: 

Step 1. Turn on Debug Logging. 

Linux: create file debug.txt with contents of FFFF in the folder where btsync binary is located. 

Step 2. Reproduce issue. 

Please let Sync collect logs for at least 15 minutes to get enough information. 

Step 3. Attach log files to your email and send us. 

Linux: ./sync/sync.log 

On your android please agree with sending logs in Send feedback.


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apatters- I am running into the same problem.  When you get a resolution, can you please post it here?  And, for my future reference, where is the BTSync binary located on the android? 


The really odd thing that I am seeing that you didn't mention is that I am able to sync one folder from my android, but not another.  The one that syncs is the internal SD card, the one that fails is the external SD card.    Both were created the exact same way on my PC and on the android, so there are no differences there (configuration, permissions, etc are all the same).  I've deleted and recreated the PC and android sync settings repeatedly, always with the same results.  I've let it sit for hours or days at a time, hoping that it will finally click, but it never does.  Meanwhile, the internal SD card syncs without any issues in real-time.

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