Syncfileentry: Failed To Write Attributes For File

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I've set up sync between OS X 10.9 and Ubuntu 12.04 server. Both are using 1.2.28 builds.

1 folder (~40GB) and I use read-only key on Ubuntu side. I set up my share via gui, so no conf file. 


Sync works fine. However in every ten minutes the index process starts on my Ubuntu server and my sync log fills with lines like:


[20131206 22:46:23.918] SyncFileEntry: Failed to write attributes for file /path/to/folder/somefile.ext


Also the CPU usage flies high (~50%)


/path/to/folder sits on another partition, if that matters. But it's vfat, so there shouldn't be any write/permission issues.


Any ideas?


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Same problem here. One machine is running Ubuntu 13.04 and the other is running Debian 7.2. The same folder on both keeps getting the "Failed to write attributes" error and continuously indexing. Permissions on this folder on both machines is the same as for other folders on those machines which are having no issues completing indexing.


Both machines are running btsync Version 1.2.82


Any thoughts?

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When BTSync delivers files from other peers - it sets them modification time exactly as remote peer has. In your case BTSync fails to set modification time, most likely because the user running BTSync is not the owner of the folder (I guess that in case of vfat - not the owner of mounting point).


As a result, BTSync sees difference in modification time and starts re-hashing file pieces to find where is a difference (and sync it, if any).


To get rid of this issue you need to make sure that user which runs BTSync on Linux machine is the owner of the folder where data is synced.

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Same problem here, OSX -> raspbian (read only) writing on an fuse-exfat filesystem. Mount user match, so that's not a problem.


The error I get is something like:


SyncFileEntry: Failed to write attributes for file <path> - 38


The "- 38" appears on all the errors.


The sync seems to be stuck (about 60MB to be pushed to the rasbian not completing) and I assume that it might be related. Same folder OSX -> OSX syncs without problems



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No, BTSync does not sync file attributes from Windows to Linux. It just syncs the file body and applies umask as it set for the user running btsync process on Linux. There might be an issue to sync alt streams to Linux xattrs - it's worth checking. If this is the case, then the alt streams which are not possible to sync will be visible it sync queue on Windows desktop.


The most often this error pops up when BTSync is unable to set mtime after it synced the file to Linux system. Technically the files were synced, but mtime has not been updated. And usually I see this error when users try to sync data not to a regular storage, but to SMB share.

Check if the mtime of files which are mentioned in the logs is different from the originals.

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