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Hello All,


Over new years I decided to create a service for anyone to request an "always online" peer with a click of a button.


I called it --


I basically creates a synced folder on AWS and gives you the read-write and read-only secrets.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated :)


Also, thank you for making BitTorrent Sync. I have been using it to transfer photos and videos from my mobile device to my desktop (as a USB cable replacement) and it works great.



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Hi lolcat,


So the code is hard to explain but if you'd like for $500 I can spend a week modifying the code it so that you can make use of it in a very easy way. I can also add other features that you'd like... are you interested in that?


I can make a Windows, OSX, or Linux executable that you can run from anywhere.


Let me know

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Ah, haha. That feature will be removed, all space now will be long term. I guess "self-destruct" was a strong word to use. What we meant to communicate was that after 10 days syncing will be turned off from our server's point of view. All files will remain on the peers that downloaded the files, and peers will be able to still sync with other peers, but the "always-online" peer that we provide will no longer act as an active syncing peer.


However, that feature will be removed. After next release all sync spaces will be long term. One just needs to provide a valid email address to ensure the synchronization will not seize after 10 days.


Initially I thought the 10 days limit would be a great functionality since it will keep server side costs low. However, after much feedback we decided to remove the 10 day limit if a user provides their valid email address.


We are also going to remove the limitation of space on our servers. We are going to experiment with unlimited space and see how that goes. Likewise, are also going begin providing an enterprise server version so businesses can manage their synced directories in a manageable manner.


While we are at it, we are also going to provide the encryption-secret that BitTorrent Sync recently made available. That way you can have redundant back ups of your files with other peers who will retain your files in an encrypted fashion.



I hope this answered your question. Did it?

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All right, we just released a new version on


- Files are stored long term, sync-ing will no longer seize from working after 10 days.


- We now provide the encryption-secret as well for those that want redundant copies in an encrypted fashion


- We are also accepting request for enterprise customers -- we will only receive the first 5 customers, all other customer requests will be put on a waiting list and addressed on a first come first serve basis.


If you experience any problems please let me know.


- Would it be helpful if we also displayed QR codes for mobile users?

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Is there a list of all the projects that are using this this right now?   It would help a lot to see them all in one place. 


Also, for those that would like to develop, I see that the thread asking about the API KEYs and terms for REVOKING KEYS has stopped.  Is there a comprehensive roadmap of specfically what we know, what we don't know but still must find out?   I find this troubling to contemplate developing for a platform that you can't count on using, let alone develop a business around it.

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Your Service seems to be offline because of to less interest, as you told above. So I set up my own version of that. It is online with about 90 MBit Upstream und 100 MBit Downstream. So if someone is interested into an always on service please contact me. The 24/7 Server is located in Regensburg (Germany).

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